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Ikea Studio Hacks Via Dubspot


Via Dubspot: Producers need studios, whether they’re bedroom or professional ones. However, putting together a studio can be a daunting and expensive process. Fortunately for us, the awesome people over at DubspotĀ have compiled a list of cheap (but with no loss of quality) and quick solutions to make a studio on a budget, using products […]

NI Maschine Side Panels by


Native Instrument’s MaschineĀ is one of the more popular pieces of production hardware that is on the market today. It already has a very clean/sleek look to it, but the people at decided to take the look to the next level. They have designed side panels that you can attach around your Maschine. The panels […]


Screen Shot 2020-02-27 at 3.32.18 PM

Reloop recently they unveiled their Beatpad controller, that is designed to work your iPad, iPod, or iPhone, via the iOS app DJAY. Features of the Beatpad include: jog wheels, filters (for each channel), hot cue selection, loop mode, an FX mode, and a drum pad section. The Beatpad even has the ability to charge whichever […]

Mixing Tips, Principles, and Techniques by iZotope


Many producers love creating their own tracks, but when the time comes to mixing their tracks, some tend to get cold feet, which is why there is such a large market for professional mixing. The awesome people at iZotope (one of the leaders in products for mixing audio) decided to put out a guide on […]

PhoenixVerb & R2 Reverb Plug-Ins Version 2.0 by Exponential Audio

Screen Shot 2020-02-26 at 12.40.05 PM

Reverb plug-in creator, Exponential Audio, have just released the updated versions of their PhoenixVerb and R2 reverb plug-ins. These updates have been given a facelift in addition to new presets and CPU load balancing that the user can control (this allows for processor optimization and improved response time). Other important things to note: -PhoenixVerb costs […]

2DaT Giving Away OBXD Synthesizer


Plug-in creators 2DaT have just released their OBXD synthesizer for free! The OBXD is designed to emulate Oberheim’s classic OB-X, OB-Xa, and OB-8 synthesizers. As 2DaT puts it, “… while not copying originals , some of the features were taken to a better point.” The plug-in doesn’t come with any presets, however, people are already […]

Korg Redesigning ARP Odyssey Synthesizer


Back in 1972, ARP Instruments released their famous ARP Odyssey, which, gained popularity quickly, due to its unique sound. Unfortunately, it was only manufactured through 1981. That’s where Korg comes into the picture. Korg has just announced that they are redesigning the ARP Odyssey. While details are sparse, here’s what we do know: -Korg is […]

5 of the Best Hardware Drum Machines Via MusicRadar


Via MusicRadar: Nowadays when a producer wants to make a song, their go to devices would most likely be a computer (DAW, software, etc.) and MIDI controllers. Using these one can replicate almost any sound imaginable and create sounds never thought possible. However, there are still some people who believe in using hardware that doesn’t […]

5 Reasons To Make Song Edits Via Digital DJ Tips


Via Digital DJ Tips: In the world of DJing/producing, there are many routes one can take in terms of the work they put out. If you observe some of the biggest names in DJing today, you’ll notice that they can produce original tracks, remix tracks, make mashups, etc. It’s extremely hard for new DJs to […]

Hercules DJControlWave


Hercules has just released their newest DJ controller, the DJControlWave. The DJControlWave is a wireless (8 hours of use on a full charge) controller designed to work with the iPad via Bluetooth. It even comes with it’s own DJ software app, DJUCED (find it in the app store). Features Include: -Play/pause, cue, sync buttons -5 […]


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