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5 For The Future | Murder Beach

murder beach

Coming from an area in which you wouldn’t expect electronic dance music to be popular, 23 year old New Orleans based DJ/Producer Murder Beach has quickly made a name for himself in this industry, already sharing a stage with Zeds Dead, Kill Paris and Sound Remedy, amongst others. Although he started off in 2011 as an electro-house […]

5 For The Future | Hellberg

hellberg sclaed

Hailing from Stockholm, Sweden, 19 year-old Jonathan Hellberg, professionally known as Hellberg, is another promising talent in the long tradition of successful progressive house producers from Sweden. In the short time that he has been producing, he’s been quite prolific in his release rate, getting tracks signed to respectable labels and garnering a loyal fan […]

5 For The Future | X5IGHT


Brandon Levinson and Jerry Kurty came together last November to unite their production experience and talent to form the duo we now know as X5IGHT. They released their debut EP “Radiance” in July and, despite still being in school, the duo have continued a prolific release rate. They espouse a high-octane, electro-house style that rattles speakers and causes chaos […]

5 For The Future | 3rd Prototype


Good things come in pairs but great things present themselves in trios. That was the idea behind the high-flying electrifying group hailing from Poland, 3rd Prototype. Three sets of hands, eyes, and three innovative brains to really push the limits of creativity and produce music that’ll leave fans and listeners in awe. This is the […]

5 For The Future | David Jones


“Good music never dies.” When it comes to David Jones, the previous statement could not be more true.  In a day and age where being a “DJ” isn’t as simple as lugging crates of records around and playing gigs, David has seized the opportunity to be much more than just a DJ. He is a […]

5 For The Future | Beckwith


Beckwith is one of the most promising and pure artists in dance music today. As a trained and graduated musician from the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston, Paul Beckwith possesses the knowledge and musical intuition to change the game and bring fans the type of deep house that is so rare to find […]

5 For The Future | Lazy Rich Exclusive + Mix


The Heineken Dome of this year’s SF Outside Lands was the hottest spot to go to across the entire festival. There wasn’t a moment when the bass stopped bumping and thus, the line was never shorter than a few hundred people. The Dome’s lineup was littered with assorted talents from all styles of dance music, […]

5 For The Future | Antranig


I used to intern at a major record label back in the day in the A&R department. I’d listen to music all day and though I wasn’t necessarily required to review the material sent to us, I felt like it was my responsibility to go through them to make sure our label was protected from […]

5 For The Future | Special Features


Eden Anderson, a seemingly unassuming 21 year old recent graduate from the Leeds College of Music in London, just so happens to be one of the most talented and innovative producers in the game. A hobby that began in a dorm room has blossomed into a promising career that now sees Eden, better known as […]

5 For the Future | The Jane Doze


DJ duos seem to be all the rage these days. The math behind it is simple: two minds means more creativity and two sets of hands means more versatility when performing. But the union isn’t always perfect. Egos get involved and the animalistic nature of the industry takes it toll on people in different ways. […]


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