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“The perfect companion to any electronic musician” 

If electronic music making was like taking a math test, LK would be your trusty calculator. A resource that may not be necessary, but you’d be crazy not to use it given it’s significantly faster, more efficient, and reliable than just your brain alone when striving for great results. Not to mention it saves you from the headache of doing all that long-division by hand (err… MIDI mapping… yeah, you get the analogy).

So let’s jump right in:

What is LK?

In a nutshell, LK is an iOS and Android-based application that allows you to control any MIDI enabled software/hardware (wired or wireless) in an easy, intuitive manner. Although you may use the app as a standalone MIDI controller/trigger via a USB MIDI interface, what I feel sets LK apart from other controller applications is it’s tight integration with industry standard DAW: Ableton Live. Not only does the app make producing music simpler, it also fosters creativity with it’s exciting modules & features.

As soon as LK is downloaded on your device, you are prompted to install the software, LKBRIDGE, on your host computer if you want LK to function as an Ableton Live controller (available for Windows and OSX). LK must be connected to LKBRIDGE to facilitate communication between LK and Ableton Live, allowing LK to be connected wired or wirelessly. This process is quick and simple, taking only minutes before you’re able to dive into using LK’s four uniquely awesome modules!

The modules may work along or independently of each other (they can also be purchased separately based on the user’s needs). The following describes the basic functions of each: MATRIX, MIDI PADS, MIDI CONTROLLER, and X/Y CONTROLLER:



– Ableton Live remote controller
– Designed specifically to facilitate the most common operations on the Ableton Live Session View
– Control almost every aspect on Ableton Live: composition, automation, clips, tracks, devices & more
– Click here for a closer look at what MATRIX has to offer



– Get the “MPC feel” on your touchscreen
– Works in both Ableton Live & MIDI mode
– When in Ableton Live mode, automatically maps drum rack pads names to each pad on the app
– Click here for a closer look at what MIDI PADS has to offer



– Extensive control of up to 128 parameters of your choice
– Works in both Ableton Live & MIDI mode
- No more MIDI mapping (aka no more headache)! Simply choose assign using the learn function in Ableton Live and change the parameter
– Click here for a closer look at what MIDI CONTROLLER has to offer

4.) X/Y PADS:


– Allows for 3-dimensional parameter tweaking
– Works in both Ableton Live & MIDI mode
– Rapidly assign parameters with the learn function in Ableton Live
– Clear here for a closer look at what X/Y PADS has to offer

– Apple iPhone/iPad or Android smartphone/tablet device
– Ableton Live 8 or 9 (recommended).
– Microsoft Windows (7 / 8) or Mac OSX (10.7 Lion or later) for LKBRIDGE execution.
– iRig MIDI 2 or any other compliant USB MIDI Interface (for external gear control via wired MIDI).

Additional notes:

LK is distributed as a free download, for both iOS and Android devices. It is fully functional for 7 days, which allows plenty of time to get a taste of all the possibilities that LK has to offer.

For detailed operation information and requirements, please visit

Happy headache-free music making!

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