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UVI is a multiple award-winning, Paris-based developer of sounds and software for professional audio production. They continuously create the future of sound and their latest mega-release, FLACON, proves yet again that this company is dedicated to the practical and in-depth needs of sound designers of any capacity, across the spectrum of mediums.

With over 40 releases ranging from mobile to desktop, UVI products, and their UVI Engine™ can be heard on numerous hit-records, film and TV scores and games. Falcon is a fully-featured hybrid instrument juggernaut with 15 oscillators covering both synthesis and sampling techniques, over 80 effects, extensive modulation control and more. See the picture below for more details.


Falcon’s sheer depth is staggering. It combines nearly every tool needed to create any sound possible. Samples (from singular to entire libraries) can be loaded into the various oscillators as well as effects like the impulse response reverb making it possible to load any sound possible into any space possible. It’s functionality is pretty wild actually and positions Falcon as truly the last instrument you ever “need” (notice I didn’t say “want”).


Having used forward-thinking mega-instruments for years, such as Spectrasonics Omnisphere and Camel Audio Alchemy (now included in Logic Pro X), I can safely say that Falcon completely holds its own and even outshines the competition in many areas.

First, in my opinion, Falcon looks better than the other two. It’s GUI is extremely easy to navigate once you take a quick tour and the effects section is categorized for quick navigation, with large controls that are easy to spot and tweak. 80 included, and great sounding at that, effects definitely beats the 56 Omnisphere ships with and the fact that you can load your own wavetables makes Falcon just as powerful.


In terms of oscillators, any of the 15 included synthesis methods can be stacked and rearranged. From analog to sample loading and granular techniques, Falcon allows the user unprecedented functionality over the ability to freely layer oscillators to create complex hybrid instruments.

There are no preset limits, so the amount/category of oscillators you can use are ONLY bound by your computers processing power as well as your creativity. So long to the days of 1-4 included oscillators, intro infinite!


After perusing the various multi-part presets and programs, I was amazing at the range of genres and styles included in the factory pack. They all sound fantastic. The low end is really in the pocket and they don’t seem to over use reverb. This means that sounds can actually be loaded onto a track without needing to turn things down to make them fit, which is always much appreciated. The preset section reminds me of ReFx’s Nexus in its plug and play performance functionality.


As if this weren’t enough, the “soundbank” can be expanded through secondary packs to offer even more functionality to this stellar instrument as it is fully-compatible with all UVI and UVI-Powered instruments from a growing list of companies.

If you look at the picture below, you’ll see that Falcon also includes a gorgeous mixer section that looks better than a lot of DAW’s on the market today. It is very responsive and allows you to stack effects and aux channels extremely efficiently. This makes it easy to mix together multiple sounds without having to load another instance of Falcon, which is great on CPU power (even though Falcon doesn’t seem to be t00 CPU-hungry in any event).


Advanced users can take instrument design further with scripting. Create custom script processors to generate or modify MIDI data or even design fully-skinned instruments with the Lua language.


Allowing unrestricted use and layering of oscillators, effects, modulation generators and event processors, Falcon has created a hybrid instrument with seemingly no limits. From advanced time stretching and granular sample engines to pure synthesis oscillators, Falcon provides a sophisticated set of tools for near infinite sound and instrument design potential. From the most logical to the experimental, Falcon has you covered.


Falcon offers native 64-bit operation (stand-alone/plug-in formats), supports up to 10.2 surround, is compatible with all UVI-powered soundbanks and can be authorized on 3 computers/iLok’s.

Falcon is available now through authorized dealers and the UVI online shop. For more information and tutorials visit here.

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