KOMA Kabelhänger Module

Are you a producer who loves modular synthesizers? If so then you know how messy a studio can get with all of the cables that make those synthesizers make their unique sounds. There are many storage racks for those cables on the market, however, one newcomer that deserves some attention is KOMA’s Kabelhänger Module.


The Kabelhänger Module is made of aluminum and comes in 2 different sizes (Arm A: 9.9″=2×25 teeth | Arm B: 8.3″=2X20 teeth). The module also comes with screws that allow you to connect the module to a synth, that way your wires will always be nearby (note: the screws can be twisted by hand).

For 29 euros (for A) and 25 euros (for B), this is definitely a product you need if you’re looking to tame some of the wire madness going on in your studio. Head over to KOMA’s website to purchase them.

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