20 Things You Missed, If You Missed Camp Bisco

It’s safe to say that after over a decade of putting together one of the East Coast’s premiere festival, Camp Bisco knows how to do it right – this year was no exception. Campers enjoyed 3 sunny days of incredible music, good people, and a tremendous staff. It had its hiccups, as every festival does, but the crew was able to smooth everything out and make the experience a rewarding one, for campers and artists alike. That’s what the mark of a great festival is and what makes this one particularly unlike any other you’ve been to.

While we fill the void of another year of waiting, our team has put together a list of the 20 things that made this year’s festival so memorable. With so much Bisco to go around it’s tough to name everything we loved about this year’s festival, but if you went this year let us know by telling us what we missed or left of the list in the comments section!


1. The one thing that looked just as good on the first day of camp, as it did on the last.


2. Sunflowers.


3. A Main Stage that partied so hard, it had to take a break from itself.


4. Dancing silhouettes.


5. Getting to know your neighbors.


6. A hint of Egyptian lore.


7. Artfully crafted DJ sets…

samo-sound-boy-camp-bisco-thefutureSamo Sound Boy

8. Out-of-this-world live performances…

destroid-robots-music-live-camp-bisco-thefutureDestroid (Excision, Downlink, & Space Laces)

9. And, of course The Disco Biscuits.


10. Finding a place to sort out where you’re headed next… at least 8 times a day.


11. Booming bass.


12. Breathtaking views.


13. Fashionable festival-goers.


14. Dillstradamus.

flosstradamus-dillon-francis-camp-bisco-thefutureDillon Francis w/ Flosstradamus

15. Painters re-creating the music you’re listening to, right in front of you.


16. So many flags, poles, and inflatable animals-on-a-stick that it was actually easier to find your group if you didn’t have one.


17. Even BIGGER inflatables. 


18. Color wheels.


19. Absolutely stunning light and laser shows (must be that clean, up-state NY air that makes them look so damn good).


20. Partying at the Silent Disco until the sun comes up, 3 nights in a row.


Did we forget something? Let us know in the comments section below!

Photo Credit: | aLIVE Media | James Coletta Photography

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