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Exclusive Interview w/ DJ Three

Christopher Milo aka  DJ Three is one of the underground’s most loved and continuously talked about DJs. With a career that began in the early 90’s, Three only continues to evolve and exude passion for what he does. With the ability to inspire his audience he has been dubbed a “DJ’s DJ” with good reason. After seeing him play back in January for Output’s Two Year Anniversary only proved that Three is still extremely fresh and more cutting edge than ever. This Saturday he begins his residency at the club for their first Residents Ball along with Anthony Parasole, Nikola Baytala, and Layton Giordani. The Future FM had the opportunity to have a chat and ask Three some questions. Read the full interview below.

TFM: The podcasts you did for Cadenza recently are both superb. I would like to hear about your thought process, your current sound and where you are drawing inspiration from?

DJ Three: Well, with Cadenza you do two mixes. The “Cycle” mix is meant to be current vibes. The “Source” mix is meant to reflect your influences. 99% of the time my podcasts are culled from live recordings, but since I had no recordings to source for this I used a friends nice DJ rig of turntables and CDJs and just jammed an hour or so of the raw house and spaced out techno vibes I’m always feeling. The “Source” mix was a bit more to size up because I can’t fit all my influences in an hour. So, I decided to focus on my first experiences in clubbing pre- U.S. rave culture from ’87 to ’91 in what was known here in the US as Alternative Dance Music. Basically, a hybrid of post-punk, industrial dance music, gothic, and early house. It’s been amazing to see the response the Source mix has received!

TFM: Your career has spanned from the nineties to the present day, there must have been many highs and lows. Have you ever experienced a “dark” period, when things seemed like a struggle?

DJ Three: I survived minimal!! Seriously though, I think outwardly as “DJ Three” its fortunately just been a slow and steady ascension for me. I’ve been quite lucky in that regard. That said, anyone faces struggles personally over their lifetime and of course creative draughts.

TFM: Who is an artist who continues to inspires you?

DJ Three: If we’re speaking in regards to DJ as artist? Doc Martin and Laurent Garnier come to mind first. They still operate in the same way today that they did when they first inspired me and gave me encouragement in the 90’s.

TFM: Nowadays Florida seems to be best known for WMC and the nightlife in Miami, is there more than what meets the eye for Florida’s scene? Is there still room for growth for dance music in other cities besides Miami?

DJ Three: There was much more than meets the eye obviously when it was one of the rave culture capitals of the US in the 90’s. Then through the 00’s up until about 5 years ago I would have said Tampa was still the best place for underground DJs to play in Florida and one of the best smaller scenes in the US. Things cooled off a bit, though because the crowd for underground house and techno has gotten older and not just in Tampa, but outside most major markets in the US. It seemed like there was a dry spell in new young people filling the floors, but yes there is room for growth and its happening slowly. Meanwhile, Miami has become a place you’ll see up to three underground events a night through the weekend and it’s great to finally see that beyond a just super club there.

TFM: In recent news, we were told by Ingrosso and Angello that the underground was for “amateurs”. Seeing this particular interview as a piece of “satire”, can you tell me your thoughts on the current state of underground culture in dance music?

DJ Three: It’s obviously the best and most fertile it’s ever been.

TFM: When you go out where can we find you? What kind of music do you enjoy experiencing? What kind of “vibe” do you enjoy?

DJ Three: I like a good dive bar and getting deep in the jukebox. I like to experience so many types of music, but I think most of it is decidedly moody by nature.

Output's Resident's Ball
April 18, 2015
Doors 10pm
Tickets HERE

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