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Mobile Mondays! Miss Rebecca’s Bday Paradise Garage Tribute Sponsored by West End Records + Interview

If you aren’t totally dead from MMW, or did not go down at all, Mobile Mondays! will be back at its usual time and spot this Monday, 10pm at Bowery Electric for a special occasion. Gregarious host, promoter & brand manager of the party, Miss Rebecca Lynn will be celebrating her birthday this Monday the 31st and you can expect the Mobile Mondays! crew to go all out. They even upped their poster game with the animated gif below.

In honor of the occasion we had the pleasure of interviewing Miss Rebecca to get her perspective on NYC nightlife, some history of the Mobile Mondays! mission and where she sees it heading into the future. So make sure you come out for this party that celebrates the famed and incredibly influential NYC club Paradise Garage, as well as Miss Rebecca’s birthday. See the flyer for more details and RSVP on Facebook. Read on for our interview with Miss Rebecca Lynn and listen to the Paradise Garage tribute mix put together by Breakbeat Lou & Operator Emz to get you ready for the night.

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When did MM begin & how did you get involved?
MM began 3 years ago. I knew Emz from High School & he had this idea for a party. We would often reminisce on how great NYC Nightlife was in the 80′s & 90′s & really missed classic NYC.

Who came up with the 45 party idea?
Operator Emz wanted to start a 45 party. He has a huge collection & wanted to play records with his DJ friends. I had a corporate career in the fashion industry & once MM started I was really inspired to take all my knowledge from marketing & building fashion brands into building a music brand. I really missed great NYC Nightlife & wanted to bring it back, preserve it & take it to new levels.

You say that NYC is no longer the nightlife capitol of the world, what can be done to restore it crown?
Back in the 70, 80′s & 90′s nightlife was really eclectic & not segregated at all. Everyone really partied together. The best parties are a really good mix of all types of people, different ages, ethnicities, different economic backgrounds etc. NYC venues need to employ more real DJ’s who know how to play real music & also promote to a real dancing crowd & less bottle service.

Why Monday nights at Bowery Electric?
NYC has had a long history of great Monday Night parties. Parties that are music industry related. The Bowery Electric is the new CBGB’s. They are venue giving musicians a place to be heard. They believed & supported in our 45 concept & we have been at the same venue for 3 years. The Bowery Electric has a true creative NYC musician vibe. They have artists/bands performing on both floors every night. The way people say Blondie, Ramones etc. were discovered at CBGB’s, years from now legendary artists will have been discovered at Bowery.

How did you get all of the all-stars to come together?
It naturally evolved. Emz was friends with Joey Carvello & knew he had a massive 45 collection & is also a great disco dj. He was Billboard’s Disco DJ of Boston in 1978. Emz found Natasha (Queen of Boogie 45′s) through a mutual friend. Emz recruited Snkr Joe to host/promote & he has also become a great DJ who sets drive the girls crazy. Snkr Joe invited his friend Just Blaze & after his 1st MM set he was hooked & would come every week with records to play. Emz met Misbehaviour & admired her huge 45 collection & her expertise in Reggae & Rare Groove. $$$Mike works at A1 Records & was helping us promote MM from the very beginning. The MM All Stars are some of the best 45 DJ’s in the world & are known for their specific music genres.

Vinyl is becoming hip nowadays. What makes your party better or unique from other 45 / vinyl parties?
Our 45 party is a dance party & music movement. Our mission is to save the music, preserve dj culture & bring back the vibe & soul of NYC. Only at MM can you hear incredible music, all genres played on 45′s by legends & hang out with artists, rappers, dancers, music lovers, free thinkers etc. Its also the type of party where you never know who is gonna show up & what artist is gonna do a surprise performance. Its an artist community where people gather together every week to hang out, chill out, & take their minds aways from life & find new inspiration for their craft. Every Monday from 10pm-4am MM is a musical paradise.

What have been your top 3 nights at MM? – we have had so many incredible nights the past 3 years but I will say the following.
1. 12/16/13 – Salsoul Jollies Xmas Party – this night was a dream come true for me. Salsoul records is such huge apart of my childhood & growing up in NYC. No Xmas would ever be complete without hearing The Salsoul Xmas Jollies. This is still Salsoul’s # 1 record of all time 38 years later. Since we started MM, I had always wanted to do a Tribute to Salsoul & last year I contacted the label & approached them with the idea of a real collaboration. Our Xmas Party was a magical event. We had surprise performances by Joe Bataan, Skyy, Instant Funk, Double Exposure & Carol Williams. The party turned into The Salsoul Reunion. To celebrate Xmas with Salsoul Legends was surreal. The whole place was in awe & the artists were so humble & honored to be apart of it.

2. 12/30/13 – Our end of year 2013 bash for Rockin Rob’s Bday was incredible. It was the day before NYE & it felt like the entire planet wanted to party at MM. We had people from all over the world who had heard about Mobile Mondays! The place was jam packed on 2 floors all night. The energy was electrifying & we had breakers, lockers, waackers, all the dancers out & celebrating. Rockin Rob is a legend DJ known from the Bronx Park Jams & his set was classic. We were all transported back to when DJ culture first began back in the Bronx. It was such a classic night in NYC full of legendary dj’s, entire NYC dance community, music lovers & foreigners.

3. 9/9/13 Undercover Bro’s Bday with Biz Markie & BreakBeat Lou – that night was crazy! & the song “Nobody Beats the Biz” had all new meaning to me. Their were lines outside in the street to get in & the place was wild. We had a special performance by Super Lover Cee & Casanova Rud. Biz had these special 45 turntables made that he brought to MM & it was the 2nd time he had played with them in public. Every DJ in NYC came to see this. Even Pharrell showed up wearing his Happy Tee & was in awe that MM happened every week. He even put this song “Happy” out on a 45.

What were some of the challenges you guys have faced starting a party in one of the most competitive nightlife markets in the world?
We had nothing but challenges & its still not easy. Starting a party on a Monday is almost impossible. The biggest challenge in the beginning is just getting people to come. They come the 1st few weeks & then they stopped. We came up with all sorts of themes/ideas but we never gave up because we believe so much in what MM stands for. Our party has lasted & continues to grow because we are so much more than a party. We are community & MM is inspiring people, touching their souls & changing lives.

What is coming up in the future?
We are really excited about going to Miami for WMC & doing two 45 parties. We also launched Joey Carvello’s Brand “That’s Disco Before Travolta” which is going to be a book published later this year with parties in major cities. We do a monthly MM in Dallas with Misbehaviour & Spinderella. We are working on The Mobile Mondays! Live format which is producing shows with DJ’s & musicians/artists. We want to bring this party/culture to other cities & countries. Our party is getting known all over the world & we want people to experience real NYC culture.

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