Art Department Kicks Off Residency At Output

For the past few years, producers Kenny Glasgow and Jonny White have been producing some of the most progressive, underground house music as “Art Department”. Luckily they returned to New York this past weekend to give us a great show as always at the club we’ve all come to love, Output. In a city full of bottle service and mega clubs, Output has provided us with an experience that somehow feels big yet intimate at the same time, especially for an event such as this one.


The moment the duo took the stage, Art Department’s smooth yet thumping sounds filled up the club and set off a reaction from the crowd comparable to at least a 1,000 capacity venue. While we’re on the topic of capacity, if you happened to show up too late the odds of getting in on this night were slim to none. With lines around the block even into the early hours of the morning, it was obvious that you missed a great night if you showed up too late or forgot to buy your ticket ahead of time.

Some may say that this duo’s sound is pure house music, but honestly there is so much more to it. It is deep, minimal, funky and most of all artistic. With percussion that almost seems rooted in disco, funky bass lines, and Kenny Glasgow’s almost haunting voice, you have the perfect combination to feel every bit of the music and dance until your legs give out.

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