909 Til Infinity Drops Debut EP

Some exciting developments in the emerging artist scene today as Denver-based Option4 and LA-native MANIK have combined to form a new DJ duo, 909 Til Infinity. The pair didn’t waste any time before releasing their creative work and you can stream their debut EP release here.

The two-track Bee Dee is minimal in style but maximal in club-banger potential. Option4 and MANIK have been putting out records individually for some time but it seems that this promising group project is coming together at a mutually beneficial point in both artists’ careers. While Dee is a solid tune, Bee really stood out to us because of its throbbing techno feel and driving bassline. Shufflers around the world can rejoice as this tune is likely to find its way into prime time afterhours sets worldwide.

Lead track Bee and the following Dee are now out via Psycho Disco, run by head honcho Treasure Fingers. You a good girl? I’m a bad bee. Check out the Bee Dee EP today and grab your copies here.

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