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DJ Scout doesn’t run in the expected DJ circles. Instead of a stint on Electric Daisy or Electric Zoo, he just finished up a three month run on the Van’s Warped Tour, best known for hosting punk and ska acts like Antiflag and Reel Big Fish. That’s because, between gigs at the turntables, Scout is better known as Ty Accord, the keyboard player and programmer for metalcore band Issues.

You would expect hardstyle from a DJ that runs with the punk scene, but once again, he surprises, bringing in a chill, ethereal aesthetic to his music, a massive contrast to his day job.

That doesn’t mean his two musical communities don’t intersect– Scout doesn’t shy away from blending the two worlds in his remix of post-hardcore band Bring Me The Horizon’s song “Can You Feel My Heart,” which, in its original context is a scream-heavy, heart-tearing track, but here is transformed into a whispery track that seems to float on clouds. If you want to keep up with DJ Scout, check out his social media below, or check out Issues on the Journey’s Noise Tour this fall.

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