8 Simple Rules for Starting Your DJ Career

We here at TheFuture.FM know its a tough industry out there for a young and struggling DJ. With the oversaturation in dance music lately there are a few key rules you need to follow if you want to distinguish yourself from the scrubs.  Here are some words of wisdom on how to kick start your career and become the next big thing.  Read closely young Padawans, you have much to learn.

1. Pick a cool name

A catchy and memorable name is essential to kickstarting your DJ career.  If you are unsure where to begin look to the greats for some advice.  It is preferable to choose a name with x’s in it (those are super hot, just look at Skrillex, or Basement Jaxx, they’ve got lots of x’s).  Or if you are not too keen on the x’s, maybe just got off a bad relationship or something, try a name where you omit the vowels (these are also super hot, CRNKN, MSTRKRFT, SBTRKT, you get the idea).


2. Get a signature haircut

Every good DJ needs a ‘look’, the easiest way to achieve this is through a haircut that makes people say “What the hell was he thinking?”  Skrilldawg has the half shave, Pauly D rocks the blow out, Bassnectar is doing the metal head thing, what’s your ‘do gonna be?


Caution: Bassnectar is a professional, hair of this length is a serious hazard to you and your DJ equipment.

3. Round up all of your friends

Nowadays one DJ is just not enough, most crowds prefer two or even three on stage simultaneously to satisfy their insatiable EDM needs.  Just look at all the DJ collectives and duos popping up: Adventure Club, Dillstradamus, Dog Blood, and even Dirtyphonics, they have four DJs on stage at once and they seem to be having a blast!



4. Twerk

Twerking has become essential to EDM and DJ culture in recent months.  It could be the crowd twerking, or maybe your stage dancers, hell it could even be you twerking, I don’t really care but someone needs to twerk if you wanna get this DJ career off the ground.


5. Acquire lights, strobes, lasers, and glow gloves

Okay so time to be painfully realistic, you’re not gonna be the world’s next Tiesto right off the bat.  Heavy use of lights, specifically strobes, will work to distract the audience from your poor mixing and song selection while they grind their jaws into oblivion.


6. Take the Holy Pilgrimage to Ibiza

Every good DJ knows he/she must trek to the distant land of Ibiza to bask in the everlasting glory and essence of this sacred ground.  Skream, Carl Cox, and Steve Aoki have already made their sacrament, when will you?


 You’re gonna need a bigger boat.

7.  Download Traktor or Ableton

DJ software is an absolute must in our current age of dance music.  Technology has made DJing more accessible and efficient than ever.  You don’t have to lug around expensive and heavy turntables anymore, just simply plug that MacBook Pro of yours into the house mixer and you’re almost good to go.


8. Press Sync

This little button will make your job as easy as… uh, well, pushing a button I guess.  How do you think Paris Hilton or any of these bandwagon jumping celebs have become DJs?  It’s simple, you don’t really need to have talent anymore.  Cue up that playlist of your favorite Macklemore remixes, press sync, and boom, you’re the next big thing.


No, not that.

Congrats! You have now completed DJ School 101. Go off and set thou sync button on fire.


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