Fairchild Releases ‘Touch The Sun’ EP on Kaskade’s Label Arkade

You won’t have to ‘Touch The Sun’ to know what soaring into a dreamland of deep basslines, progressive tones and tech house/deep house serenity feels like, that’s what Fairchild‘s latest EP is for. This duo is one to watch for sure, having their debut EP that came out not too long ago on Kaskade‘s label, Arkade.

Truthfully, this EP is absolutely unlike anything I’ve ever heard. It’s soothing, yet hits heavy on the bassline, yet makes you feel at one with nature, while at the same time makes you want to nonstop groove because of the tech-house vibe to it. One word to describe this EP? DEEP. ‘Open Your Eyes’ makes you quite literally open your eyes and the beats hit you right in your core, and transfixes you. Then there’s ‘Earth Call’, which I actually replayed over and over again because it honestly left me pretty speechless. It gave me goosebumps. ‘Only Love’ starts off with a bang, having more of a techno-esque vibe to it from the rest of the tracks, and then completely BLOWS YOUR MIND with heartfelt vocals and a deep, progressive, entrancing drop. Finally, the last track: ‘Touch The Sun’ will make you feel like you’re touching the sun. It’s as simple as that. This EP will put you in a deep trance because before I knew it, I was already hitting that “Repost Playlist” button on SoundCloud. You can tell that Fairchild has this unique sound established for themselves that hasn’t really been mastered or done by anyone else except them, so all we can do now is sit back, play this ‘Touch The Sun’ EP and watch these guys rise to fame and recognition, because with an EP like this, they deserve it, and no wonder these guys caught the eye of a powerhouse artist like Kaskade. Cannot wait to see what’s in store for Fairchild in the future.



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