Manufactured Superstars Debuts ‘Party All The Time’ LP + Exclusive Interview

From members of the original Denver squad that started Beatport to spinning at festivals around the world, Brad Roulier and Shawn Sabo as DJ duo Manufactured Superstars have premiered their refreshing debut album “Party All The Time” on Black Hole Recordings via Magik Muzik in time for the holidays.

Although their enigmatic, iconic collaboration with Paris HiltonDrunk Text” is M.I.A., an assortment of big room tunes like “Zombies in Love” and uplifting tracks like “Carry You Home” featuring Iossa make for a sizable showing. Complete with transient melodies, deep house and a little jungle on “Swagger Right” featuring IDMA award winning vocalist Vassy, the album has a lot to offer.

We caught up with Manufactured Superstars for a quick interview about their debut LP and more, check out what they had to say below.


TFM: Congrats on the release of your Party All the Time album! It’s been a big year for you. How was the recording process?

Brad: It was a two year process, so we’ve been putting out singles throughout the last five years and we put out a few EPs, but this was our first full length album that we’ve done. Our label gave us the opportunity to take our time and in between touring and all the other things that we do, we just you know worked it in. Two years later we finally got it done.

TFM: You’ve had a number of residencies, what have the latest ones been like?

Brad: Beta, XS, are two of our favorites that we play at a lot. The club scene is rockin it’s been great- Create in Hollywood is another one we really enjoy playing that we have a residency at.

TFM: Can you tell us a little about what it was like starting your label Manufactured Music?

Shawn: We just wanted to give younger artists a good outlet for releasing tracks and we have a good distribution deal, it’s on iTunes, Beatport, Spotify, all the big platforms. So we grabbed one of our friends to help us run it, Tom from our Beatport days, and we’ve just been trying to sign local artists, all different markets and develop a label and a sound. We’re going to get to expand on that next year pretty excited about it.

TFM: As Dj/ producers going up in Denver to turning the party all over the world, how does it feel to see the scene you grew up with continue to blossom into such an epicenter for electronic music?

Shawn: Well I mean it’s awesome you know, we’ve been in the scene for such a long time and to see it evolve and grow as it is has been super fun. We love to see new artists come up, we love to see old artists evolve.

TFM: Now let me tell you, your Let Me Be Your Fantasy Mix with Digital Junkiez had the kids feeling all the fantasies. How did that collaboration come about?

Shawn: It almost ties into what you just said, I mean Digital Junkiez was an artist that we signed a track for on Manufactured Music. Really liked the guys, they saw us play a couple times in New York at Lavo and Pacha, and Atlantic City cuz they live in the New York area. And we kind of became friends and you know, they kept sending us music. I think we put out three songs on our label by them and then it was just like hey let’s work on this track together. We actually kind of bounced it back and forth a few times trying to find the right girl to sing it, and then we finally found the right vocalist [Natalie Perisworked it out with those guys and it came out great.

TFM: What kind of music do you listen to these days in your free time?

Shawn: I mean I listen to everything. Hip hop, jazz, dance music stuff, it completely depends on the day and the mood.

Brad: I listen to more house music almost all the time primarily.  

TFM: What would you say to DJs and producers starting out and looking to improve?

Brad: I was always tell them you have to finish every song that you start. It’s really fun and creative to start a new track. A lot of people get 50-60% through a track and then they don’t like it, they move onto the next one and the next one and they get into a habit of not finishing songs. I don’t think there’s a producer in the world that likes their song at 60%. You know when you start making a track you really enjoy it it’s great, then at 50 to 75% of the song it’s really really tough. That’s where a lot of people stop. I just feel like if you wanna be a real producer that you really need to finish everything. Cuz you never know when someone’s gonna ask to hear all your stuff and it needs to be finished it can’t be an incomplete project, so that’s the advice I try to tell young producers.

TFM: Party! Thanks for chatting with us, Manufactured Superstars!

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