Rimi – The Unveiling + Crossing Over

Indian-American artist, Rimi, whose two records Unveiling and Crossing Over have dominated Indian music charts, is crafting a unique sound and hypnotic live experience that fuses ancient ideas with modern pop. With her single Maahiya receiving bestseller status in India, Rimi has headlined a variety of conferences and festivals on multiple continents. The humble Rimi is an innovator and a risk taker, placing primarily Hindi lyrics alongside a few English ones to help establish her totally unique mixture of old and new. Experience Rimi and her sound today.

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The Unveiling:
1. Surmayee
2. Mat Ja
3. Maahiya
4. Keh Du?
5. Habibi
6. Habibi Remix
Crossing Over:
1. Nesha Nesha
2. Ele Na
3. Phire Jao
4. Jaani Jaani
5. Sayeba
6. Shonay


Watch the Music video for Maahiya

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