Vajra “Blind” (Blood Mix) – Single

Something fresh something new…. that seems to be the common trend amongst music enthusiasts these days. Or perhaps…just something different.

Going by that last criteria, take a moment to check out Vajra Temple out of New York City. We were sent their latest debut album and quite honestly didn’t know what to make of it. Vajra Temple is the work of band leader Annamaria Pinna. The story behind this unique individual is in her neurological condition – synesthesia. Synesthesia has enabled Annamaria to do something that has never been done before. She is able to attach colors and shapes to sound, bringing a multi-dimensional approach to her music. This band is no stranger to success. Having sold out their performance at Bowery Ballroom a few years ago, they’ve been riding a wave of success to where they are today.

Blind (Blood Mix) is a true indication of the group’s eclectic musical taste and desire not to conform to mainstream pop music. Annamaria’s voice is rather catchy and though this track might not be a standard sing-along, I can see rock lovers from all over hearing and feeling the appeal in this alternative/progressive rock style that fuses with Eastern Indian Themes. She seems like a pretty bad-ass chick as well.

Check out our stream of Blind Below:

Music Video for Inside the Flame (another track on the album)


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