22 DJ Aliases That You Definitely Need To Know About

The New Year is approaching, so as per usual, everyone is getting their last minute resolutions together and trying to make suddle changes (new haircut, etc.) to comply to the classic and ever so basic “New Year, New Me” persona *cue the classic groans and eye rolls*. But hey, we’re excited and looking forward to a fresh, new year regardless! There are some DJ’s that we all know and love that quite literally took the whole “New Year, New Me” to a whole other level and really grasped the concept, and went under another alias to produce and perform under.

So class is in-session, Future FaM, because you’re about to educate yourselves on all the different DJ alias’ in the scene. We’ve all had those instances where we see an unfamiliar name that made a track that we all dig, and then we end up getting curious about the artist and research them, to find out that it’s an artist we all know and love, but under another name. Has that happened to you guys? No? Just me? Well regardless, there are a countless number of aliases, but here are 22 DJ aliases that you definitely should know about:

1. Datsik & Bais Haus | Ephwurd


You may recognize the name Ephwurd from being featured in Jauz‘sRock The Party‘, but prepare to have your minds blown when you find out that Ephwurd is the duo of the prince of all things bass and dubstep, Datsik, and Bais Haus. Bass-heavy house is the current sound that is taking over, and Ephwurd know how to deliver it. Check out the video above to see what happens when Ephwurd takes the stage, all I can say is that you’ll end up saying the actual “F word” in frustration to how dope they are.


2. Oliver Heldens | HI-LO

Oliver Heldens is a household name, everyone knows who he is and can recognize one of his tracks from a mile away. So once people heard tracks like ‘Renegade Mastah‘ and ‘Crank It Up‘ blaring through the speakers at almost every single main stage and set, Heldens’ fans all over knew it was him and the classic Heldens sound. But when they went into the depths of the inter-webs to find out the track name, they were in for a surprise because it wasn’t exactly our beloved Heldens- but instead, his alias Hi-LO.


3. RL Grime | Clockwork

You would imagine the surprise when I, who has known and loved Clockwork tracks since 2012, finally sees Clockwork for the first time at Electric Zoo back in 2014, and in the midst of raging, looks closely at the person on stage to see a familiar face, and that it is, in fact, the trap-master himself, RL Grime, on stage. My reaction to this discovery was something along the lines of:


4. Marshmello | ???

Let the conspiracy theories start pouring in. Some think the enigmatic Marshmello is Dotcom, others think it’s Jauz, and the concept of it being Skrillex was shut down after they were seen on stage together, but to me personally? Doesn’t really matter who it is, because what Marshmello stands for in the world of music is truly extraordinary and exactly what our scene needed; to focus on JUST the music (but if you HAD to ask me, I would support the theory of it being more than 1 person). Marshmello’s “deep, fluffy, hybrid melodic sexy trap house” sound is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth and will leave you craving more of that sweet, sweet fluffy sound. So who is this mysterious Marshmello you may ask? We’ll just have to wait and see to find out, or not. But in the meantime, grab some graham crackers, some chocolate and some Marshmello (both his tracks and actual edible marshmallows) and make some s’mores to kill the time, #mellogang.


5. Seth Troxler, Skream, Eats Everything & Jackmaster | J.E.S.u.S

With a combo like this, you can only imagine how godly and holy their sound must be. Seth, Skream, Eats Everything & Jackmaster all specialize in the sounds of techno, house and tech-house so it was only necessary that they all had to join forces. One thing I can say for sure, this is probably one of the most epic and underrated unions, and every single festival that wants to step it up to another level should book J.E.S.u.S.


6. Green Velvet | Cajmere + 4 others

#Techyes. Acid-house and techno legend Green Velvet has been slaying the decks since the early 90’s, and he can be noticed from a mile away, with his huge smile, green tuft of hair and funky futuristic shades. When he’s not sporting his signature green hair, he becomes Cajmere. Fun fact: Green Velvet was actually Cajmere before he transformed into Green Velvet. And ANOTHER fun fact *insert DJ Khaled saying “anotha one“*: Green Velvet and Cajmere are not the only aliases that the legendary Curtis Jones has, but he is also known as Geo Vogt, Half Pint, Curan Stone and Gino Vittori.


7. Richie Hawtin | Plastikman

When you think techno, you think Richie Hawtin. It’s an immediate correlation. It could be because Richie is the definition of OG, and he is a direct product of Detroit techno, where we all know the roots of techno lie. What Richie has done for the techno community starting from the mid-90’s to present day has completely shaped everything, and he is a pioneer in techno with his Plastikman alias and his ENTER. events and experiences all over the world, which are basically heaven for techno-heads. But actually though, because every time a festival or event flyer says the word “ENTER.” on it, people do not think twice about hitting that “buy tickets” button. His Plastikman alias was born in ’93 and completely swept the world by a storm with stellar live performances and albums. To me personally, Richie means a lot and is my favorite techno DJ because his track under his Plastikman alias ‘Spastik‘ is what made me fall in love with techno.


8. Armin Van Buuren | GAIA



Armin Van Buuren knows how to make a crowd fall into “A State Of Trance”, but what he does as GAIA is something entirely different. A GAIA set will make you feel like you entered this dark, mysterious cave filled with trance, but with an evil twist. You won’t just have chills from one or two tracks that the GAIA duo of Armin and Benno De Goeij play, but you will have chills from the beginning of their set all the way to the end. GAIA’s sound, Renaissance-inspired visuals, mysterious hooded get-up and calm demeanor where they literally just look like they’re not even moving, sets this devilish atmosphere and vibe that you can’t help but become addicted to. And that’s just being said from someone that has watched every single GAIA broadcast and video, not even having seen them live. So one can only imagine how ridiculously epic seeing them live would be.


9. Skrillex & Diplo | Jack Ü

Photo Credit: @DaveMaPhotography

Photo Credit: @DaveMaPhotography


These two need no further explanation. It was 2013 when the world was blessed when two of the biggest musical powerhouses, Skrillex and Diplo, joined forces to take the world by a storm. Their songs are all over the charts right now, and they’re pushing musical boundaries like no other. There isn’t one person that doesn’t know their track ‘Where Are Ü Now‘ in collab with Biebs, and these guys are headlining every single major festival across the world.


10. Skrillex & Boys Noize | Dog Blood

There goes Skrillex with yet another side project! This epic collab is of musical innovator Skrillex and hard-hitting, glitchy acid-house DJ and producer Boys Noize, and thus- Dog Blood was born. Now, don’t let the name freak you out, but these boys know how to THROW. DOWN. Dog Blood formed in 2012, before Skrill and Diplo joined forces to create Jack Ü, and Dog Blood debuted themselves at Ultra 2013. Following the success of their 3 ‘Middle Finger’ EP‘s, it has yet to be announced if Dog Blood has any new material in the works or any upcoming performances, but they shocked the masses by returning as if no time has passed by playing Movement Detroit.


11. Steve Angello | Mescal Kid


We all know and love Steve Angello: 1/3 of one of the biggest legacies in EDM, Swedish House Mafia (long-live the name and never forget), and the head honcho of Size Records. A Steve track can easily be distinguished and identified anywhere, well to me at least, because he really does have this unique and one-of-a-kind electro/progressive house sound that sets him apart from every single other similar producer. However, it’s not as easy to distinguish his sound when he goes under his progressive/minimal tech-house alias, Mescal Kid. I remember finding out about the Mescal Kid show he put on back in 2012 at Pacha, and reading about he completely stunned everyone with this entirely different sound of his. If anyone knows how to do an alias, it’s Steve Angello. His tracks like ‘I Need You‘ have been circulating around the inter-webs for years, having everyone eagerly wondering and waiting on these releases.


12. Ferry Corsten | Gouryella, System F & Moon Man

Ferry Corsten has been in the game for quite some time. Having been a pioneer in the trance scene, he started his Gouryella alias when he decided to join forces with Tiësto back in 99′ and then Corsten decided to go solo with his alias in 2001. Fans left and right were wondering where Gouryella went after the alias was MIA for about 13 years, and then were in for a surprise when Gouryella returned this past May with ‘Anahera‘, which landed the #1 spot on the Beatport Trance charts. Gouryella is coming back and better than ever starting in 2016 with a KILLER live show, so keep those eyes peeled.


13. Eric Prydz | Pryda, Cirez D + 10 Others


When people hear the name Eric Prydz, they immediately just drop to their knees and bow down, because Prydz is a whole other level of legendary. Prydz has one of the most notorious and recognized sounds in electronic music, and he is well known for his aliases Pryda, and his techno alias, Cirez D. I was #blessed enough to see all 3 of these aliases back-to-back at his MSG Epic 3.0 set, which was the most unforgettable show I’ve ever experienced. But what you may not know is that Pryda and Cirez D are not the only aliases that Prydz is under. Including Pryda and Cirez, he has almost 12 different aliases. YUP, 12. 1, 2. DOUBLE DIGITS. Some of these aliases include AxEr, Moo and Sheridan. Talk about “New Year, New Me”, am I right?


14. Green Velvet & Claude VonStroke | Get Real

Get Real is personally my favorite alias duo of them all, considering I’m a die-hard Dirtybird and VonStroke fan and a long-time lover of Mr. Green Velvet himself. And it’s not just me, everyone has been on the Get Real train because when these two are up on stage, there’s an energy like no other. Although VonStroke and Velvet are of different genres- Vonstroke being bouncy, funky tech-house and Velvet being acid-house/techno, their sounds combine together perfectly and effortlessly. Having previously seen them doing their thing on the decks together live, I can personally vouch that they’re an absolute must-see. Legendary status.


15. Markus Schulz & Ferry Corsten | New World Punx

What happens when two of the biggest names in trance join forces? New World Punx happens. Trance prince’s Ferry Corsten and Markus Schulz decided it was only about time to unite as one super high energy mega-force, and debuted NWP for the first time at Madison Square Garden. Not a bad place to have your first debut show, right? Well, it was no surprise because these guys know how to deliver some hard-hitting stuff, like their recent releases ‘Bang‘ and ‘Memories‘. I still get flashbacks of them dropping this absolutely inSANE edit of Yves V‘s ‘Manga‘, which I’m STILL trying to ID to this day, from when I saw them together as NWP back at EDC New York 2014.


16. Above & Beyond + Justine Suissa | Oceanlab




Prepare your ears to be ACTUALLY blessed when you hear some Oceanlab. An Oceanlab track is the closest thing we will ever have to magic, because what it will do to you will make you experience and feel things you will never and have never experienced before. You will feel the sounds of Oceanlab deep into your soul and it will give you permanent chills. Goosebumps are inevitable, because you will have them; that’s just the power of Oceanlab. To say it will hit you in the feels is the understatement of the century. Now, this all may be said because Above & Beyond are my all-time hands-down favorite DJ’s. But ask anyone, especially all of those who attended ABGT150 in Australia, where the boys announced the revival of Oceanlab by dropping a new Oceanlab track (‘Another Chance’), in which I watched everyone in the livestream (not to mention myself) burst into tears because we all know how much of a rare gem an Oceanlab track is.


17. Dubfire & Sharam | Deep Dish

Grammy award-winning duo Deep Dish is compromised of Dubfire- who lemme just tell you, they don’t call him “Dubfire” for nothing because what he produces is actual fuego- and the very versatile and incredible Sharam. These guys joined together back in the 90’s, and Deep Dish is known to DISH (see what I did there) out the finest tunes in techno. They had an amazing run and released countless singles, albums and EP’s, before they decided to part ways and go solo in 2006. Then, they shocked everyone by reuniting in 2014, and by performing live as Deep Dish at Ultra 2015, making Ultra 2015 one for the books and absolutely unforgettable.


18. Hudson Mohawke & Lunice | TNGHT

Drop a TNGHT track, and expect trap arms everywhere to start pumping; it’s basically a given. The sounds of TNGHT are not just your typical trap sound and their tracks like ‘Goooo‘ and ‘Easy Easy‘ are timeless classics that will have the crowd going absolutely MAD every time. They truthfully can’t even be fully considered trap, but instead, are a hybrid of this instrumental hip-hop, glitchy, more electronic type of trap-esque sound. TNGHT’s unique sound caught the attention of Yeezus (Kanye West) in which TNGHT helped co-produced some of his tracks; no surprise there. Hudson Mohawke and Lunice are a force to be reckoned with together, but unfortunately, they have been under a hiatus since 2013 *cries*. TNGHT, if you’re out there, please come back.


19. Excision, Downlink and KJ Sawaka | Destroid

Don’t let their get-ups intimidate you, but you should definitely be prepared to expect some SERIOUS bass in your face when Destroid comes on. 3 of the biggest, baddest guys in bass, Excision, Downlink and KJ Sawaka, fulfilled your wildest dreams and became a full-on live bass music band. A Destroid show literally looks like 3 bad-ass characters out of a Halo video game decided to grab a pair of drumsticks and some electric guitars and put on a show.


20. Diplo, Jillionaire & Walshy Fire | Major Lazer

Major Lazer - Portrait

This trio is one that everyone at this point already knows. consisting of Diplo, Jillionaire and Walshy Fire. Major Lazer is an entirely other genre of it’s own, having this chill, electro-reggae, sexy moombahton and Jamaican-infused sound. Their sound ranges from chill and peaceful tracks that you just wanna drive around with the windows down and bob your head to, like ‘Get Free‘, and then CRAZY tracks like ‘Sound Bang‘ that when they get dropped, you don’t even know what to do with yourself or what real life is because you’re going too insane. And a Major Lazer show? Forget it, it’s wild. Flags flying in the air, the Lazerettes and girls from the crowd “expressing themselves” on stage- there is no holding back at a Major Lazer show. But one thing to expect if you do see Major Lazer: expect Diplo to be crowd-surfing/crowd-walking/crowd-gliding in one of those giant hamster ball bubbles. Just another day in the office for Dip.


21. Griz & Gramatik | Grizmatik

Griz and Gramatik are masters at genre-blending; they are the pioneers in infusing jazz, soul and funk with an electronic sound, creating an electro-funk and electro hip-hop genre. You would almost assume that they always have been performing together because their sounds are so similar and because of how in-sync they are, so talk about a match-made in heaven! Even their names combine together perfectly. They don’t have an official alias together as Grizmatik, but they essentially do because they perform together and release music under Grizmatik all the time.


22. A-Trak & Armand Van Helden | Duck Sauce

Time to switch it up with more of a house and nu-disco type of sound, and that’s where the eccentric Duck Sauce comes in. Think the track ‘Barbra Streisand‘ and ‘Big Bad Wolf‘ (*cue the wolfs howling). You remember it? Yup, that was brought to you by the legendary A-Trak and Armand Van Helden. A-Trak is a very rare type of artist to come across, and he will literally melt your brain if you watch his hands on the decks for too long (it’s hypnotizing) because he is the KING of scratching, and he’s been at this game since he was a ripe 13 years old. A-Trak was born for this. Armand Van Helden is the creator of the speed-garage genre, and has a few alias names of his own like Chupacabra and Deep Creed. It was a no brainer that these guys had to unite.


So there you have it- Go take your newly gained knowledge and show your stuff! 

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