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Amsterdam duo, The Him, are on fire right now. Fresh off their massive, 2.5 million Soundcloud plays, remix of The Chainsmokers’ ‘Roses’, this enigmatic and uplifting tag-team show no signs of slowing down. Their music can be described as an experimental, yet classically inclined crossover between indie, deep house, nu disco and pop. The Him already have support by some of the biggest players in the game such as Tïesto, Martin Garrix and Oliver Heldens.

They just released a new song ‘Feels Like Home Ft. Son Mieux’, listen to it HERE. Also, their monthly ‘Midnight Mixtapes’ series is making waves for its careful curated selection of the world’s freshest and funkiest deep house tunes. 2016 will surely be the year of The Him.

1. After the massive success of your remix of The Chainsmokers’ Roses, what inspired your new single ‘Feels Like Home’?

It’s a really funny story actually, we were in Croatia with Sam Feldt to shoot the video for “Drive You Home”. We were hanging out on the back of the boat, having a couple of beers, when one of the actors told us that he wrote songs and was just starting this new project, Son Mieux. He played us his new track ‘Feels’ on his phone and right away his voice sounded so unique. We didn’t really think about it anymore until we were back in the studio two weeks later and were listening to it again. We totally fell in love with the song and asked Camiel (Son Mieux) if we could do a new version of it. He loved the idea.

The inspiration from the production came from a mixture of tropical sounds and a more deep-house kind of bass. The lead sound is a mixture of something similar to a flute layered with more a synthetic sound. The original idea for the sound came about in another song first but then thought it would work awesome in this production.

2. A lot of deep house tends to take on a darker side. After listening to your music, it is obvious that you guys go for lighter, more uplifting vibes. Can you explain a bit more about why you choose to go this route?

When we are working on ways to approach a production we’re always looking for emotion and the “Do we feel this?” factor. We’ve tried to do more groovy/darker things as well, but for some reason we keep coming back to more warm and uplifting sounds and chords. For us it’s really important that our music makes you dance but also makes you feel something. Combined that gives an uplifting feeling, something we think everybody can definitely use in this day and age.

3. What artist(s) dead or alive have the most influence on your sound?

It seems like such a simple question but the answer is difficult for us. We listen to so many sorts of music. For this song we guess there’s some of the Diplo/Skrillex sound and also a bit of Deadmau5 in there.

4. What one piece of advice would you have for artists just starting in the industry?

Make a lot of music! If you could do nothing else just do that. It will make you a better musician and will give you loads of content to share. Which are the two most important things. Don’t get stuck on one song and keep working on that forever. Just keep going, 5 songs later you’ll be so much better that you won’t be so worried about the first one anymore. Then whatever is still good 10 songs later is something worth keeping.

5. If you could play any festival in the world, what would it be?

Glastonbury, would be awesome to play, and to see other acts at the same time.

6. What’s next for The Him in 2016?

We’re working on really cool new songs and collabs. Our goal for 2016 is to release more original material. We also want to get back into bootlegging so expect some free remixes on our Soundcloud page. Next to all of this we’ll also be DJing more. Can’t wait!

Be sure to check out their new song ‘Feels Like Home’ out now on Soundcloud HERE.

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