Artist to Watch: MOKSI

This weeks Artist to Watch are a mysterious Dutch duo by the name of Moksi. Shrouded in secrecy, we know little of the people behind the nameplate. However, while there is little to say about who they are, there is much to be said about their music, which is an aggressive, grimy sound fusing classic UK Garage with undeniable dubstep and bassline influences. Dark, screeching synths howl over an infectious four on the floor bass-line that are destined to be future club bangers.

Signed to Yellow Claw’s Barong Family label, the duo have recently released their “Brace Yourself EP,” which features four insane tracks. Of the four, I feel that “Getting Higher” illustrates the feel of the EP the most, with a subwoofer pleasing drop thats simply crazy. The EP has already been supported all across the world by high profile artists such as Yellow Claw and DJ Carnage, who have sprinkled tracks from the EP into their sets.

We are definitely witnessing a shift in the electronic music scene, with a distinct move from big-room festival bangers to more deep, club-oriented tracks. Deep House is definitely the current “in” genre but even already one can see artists taking the sound even further by spicing it up with move aggressive hip-hop and Garage influences. Take “Deep Down Low” by Valentino Khan as a perfect example.

Artists are definitely feeling more freedom to do what they want, and it seems that genres are becoming increasingly meaningless in the electronic music world. Moksi are no different. Their aggressive take on club music sounds amazing and with five tour dates announced already, including sets at Tomorrow Land and MysteryWorld, I am sure we will be hearing more from this Dutch Duo in the future.

For more, make sure to check out their Facebook page as well as cop their latest EP on iTunes!

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