Event Preview | Girls + Boys: Snails + HeRobust @ Webster Hall 12/18/15

Snails might be an acquired taste for eating purposes, but for hearing purposes, the Snails I’m talking about will satisfy all of your filthy, grimy bass-heavy needs. Next Friday, December 18th, Montreal-based producer and creator of his own genre titled “vomit step”, Snails, will be throwing down at Webster Hall for the first time ever with the support from HeRobust, courtesy of the always amazing Girls + Boys. But let me just tell you, these two together in one night? Prepare for some SERIOUS bass in your face.

The term “vomit step” is the only way that he could describe his weird, fresh, one-of-a-kind sound that has led to massive recognition, following the releases of his tracks back in 2012, not having blown up until the past 2 years. It’s funny because snails are known to move notoriously slow (hence, “snails pace”) but this snail is SKYROCKETING to fame and recognition right now with his unique, glitchy, bass-heavy hybrid trap sound. Tracks like ‘Wild‘ and ‘Pump This‘ have been regular features in the sets of heavyweights like Jack Ü (Skrillex and Diplo), DJ Snake, Slander, Ookay and more, and countless others have been following the trail that Snails has been leaving behind (see what I did there? Snails leave trails, get it?). It’s been a killer year for young Snails, having played the big-name festivals like EDC Las Vegas, Electric Zoo and Tomorrowworld all just within this year, so we can only wait and see how Snails will satisfy our bass cravings in 2016, because it’s a given that he will deliver. When it comes to Snails, it’s always a surprise as to what he drops during his sets, but here’s a little taste of what to except at Webster Hall, because they won’t know what’s coming for them:


We know, your mind is blown. Your jaw is on the floor and your soul has floated up into bass-heaven. That’s just some typical Snails for you, so no words are required further: the “buy tickets” link is below”.


SNAILS & HeRobust
Webster Hall
Friday, December 18th, 2015
~Doors at 10 PM~



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