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Willy Joy | Weak Shit

Willy Joy, the bass-heavy producer out of Chicago has been busy this year, making appearances at major festivals like Lollapalooza, Spring Awakening, Mad Decent block parties and Brillz’ #TWONKDINATION tour.

His latest banger “Weak Shit” lit my earbuds on fire and trust me, it’s anything but weak.  In fact, I fully expect this track to gain a lot of festival play because it’s tailored for live shows.

Willy Joy | Weak Shit TheFuture.fm

“Weak Shit” opens with one hell of a build that gets the heart rate up before absolutely destroying everything with an outrageous drop that makes you want to move.  I honestly can’t wait to see what he does next.

Get your trap fix by listening to “Weak Shit” below and let us know what you think by hitting us up on twitter at @TheFutureFM by using the hashtag #WillyJoyWeakShit.


  Willy Joy

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