The Boy From The Crowd – Revelator

East London rock Duo, The Boy From The Crowd, sounds like a work in progress. Their latest single, ‘Revelator’ is a fusion of rock and punk with a tint of blues and while it isn’t exactly correct to call the band’s style and sound electric, there is definitely a wide range of influences behind the creative process for this band.

‘Revelator’ is held together by some sharp riffage and versatile drumming. The so-called “two-man team thats putting the boot back into blues” seem to have recorded a winner of a tune as far as my opinion is concerned; ‘Revelator’ seems like a tune that rock purists wouldn’t mind jamming out to. Fundamentally speaking, it sounds like The Boy From The Crowd have all the intangibles that a diehard rock fan may seek; However, I doubt i’ll be listening ever again. What do you think of ‘Revelator’?

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