I Survived BangOn! NYC’s Warehouse Of Horrors

Choosing to pass on the glitz and glam of Manhattan nightlife this year, I ventured to The Well at 272 Meserole Street in Brooklyn for BangOn! NYC’s annual Halloween soiree, Warehouse of Horrors. Hayden James was the star attraction and my main reason for attending; an Australian super-producer that took the world by storm with his release Something About You. Louis the Child, creative mind behind the Taylor Swift-favorited track It’s Strange was also on deck, along with a slew of other talented producers that contributed to making the night one to remember.

There was plenty of free parking on the streets (whoohoo Brooklyn) and I enjoyed a brief, albeit pleasant, wait to get into the venue. Dressed in a Caesar costume, I made small talk with a team of Ninja Turtles, a Tinder profile, and of course, the quintessential guy who is too cool to be wearing a costume to a halloween costume party. As to be expected, the eccentric personalities were out in force. The staff was professional, quickly found my name on the list, and I was ready to experience BangOn!’s latest vision brought to life.

The venue itself was massive. It’s a challenge to explain in text but from what I could tell, the initial entryway was cleverly split up into the essentials: bathrooms on the left, coat check on the right, and of course, the bar a little bit further up the left. The following area had an assortment of performers and vendors lined up on the right, with merchants selling various accessories and apparel on the left. Between the merchants and a soon-to-be mentioned Silent Disco, there was a bouncy house. Yes… a bouncy house. Needless to say, I bounced my ass off in that thing for a solid ten minutes straight and yes, it was great.

If you took the stairs beyond the Silent Disco, you’d find yourself in a conveniently heated walkway that led to the main stage. Fashioned into giant fangs, the stage itself was quite the sight and we arrived to Hayden mixing his usually eclectic blend of soulful vocals with his futuristic deep sound. It was a special moment to hear him drop his biggest hit to date and judging by how the crowd exploded, team Hayden James appeared to be out in force. It was refreshing to not see bottle service and to not trip over tables. People were comfortably moving and grooving in the intimate space as bright lasers illuminated the room with vibrant patterns.


Following the bouncy house, there was a Silent Disco where people were absolutely vibing. The headphones being handed out were lit up with flashing LED lights and the broadcasting channels were split into two, featuring a nice mix of dub and deep house. There were people swinging from a giant metal structure in the middle of the dance floor and after a long night of dancing, I eventually bumped into someone who dressed up as the NYC pizza rat. I took that as my cue to call it a night.

I thoroughly enjoyed my evening with BangOn! and will be looking forward to their next show. Their Elements party over the Summer was easily the best event I went to all season and my anticipation for Warehouse of Horrors was more than justified. Maybe it’s because they’ve booked great, relevant talent or maybe it’s because the effects and production are consistently among the best I’ve seen. From their creative vision to the execution of their events, this company has a way of bringing their parties to life. It has something for everyone and it is an experience to be had by anyone who is a fan of live events and electronic music.

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