KSHMR & ZAXX hit the stage not once but TWICE this past Saturday night. I had chose to attend the earlier show which began at 8pm. Anticipation built with every step I took up the Webster Hall stairs into the main ballroom. The bass was heavy, intense, and the closer I got, I was getting more and more pumped to see what would be a wild dance party hosted by ZAXX.

Allow me to say that ZAXX KILLED IT! He certainly brought the right music and energy to Webster Hall that night. He grabbed my attention immediately and as soon as I stepped into that ballroom I began to walk straight up to the front (or at least as close as I could get) to not only see ZAXX perform but to also become apart of the dancing in front of his turntables.

The energy in the room was surely high and positive. ZAXX finished up his set and the crowd was anxious to see KSHMR’S FIRST NYC SHOW EVER. After a short time the wait was over, the lights went dark and everyone’s attention was brought to the stage. KSHMR opened up his set with a short-film of sorts and then began to bang out hit after hit, people began to move once the bass dropped and they wouldn’t stop until KSHMR was finished doing what he had come to do. I must say this had been one of the most fun shows I have been to; KSHMR is truly an entertaining artist to watch. My eyes never once left that stage while he was performing and my feet had not stopped moving as well. I would recommend seeing KSHMR & ZAXX whenever you are able to grab the chance, you will absolutely not be disappointed by either artists.




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