Event Review | Steve Powers, Sevag, & Mind Control at HQ Beach Club

It was the perfect day in New Jersey for an outdoor event to take place. Flawless weather in the mid 80’s and a slight sea breeze raised the excitement higher for what many were anticipating to be the party of the summer. On Sunday, August 4th, local powerhouse promotional group, R3 Ventures, brought together some of NJ’s finest talent and put on a party that had the region buzzing for days. Steve Powers, Sevag, and the accomplished duo of Peter Bailey and Richie Santana (Mind Control) took the decks for a day filled with sunshine, great music, and pool party fun.


I was lucky enough to be on-site during this party and could immediately tell that the DJ’s were really bringing the heat. Steve Powers (standing left in picture below) manned the decks from 1pm-3pm and quickly went to work in showing the party-ready crowd why he’s a resident of prestigious clubs like Lavo in NYC and The Light in Vegas. Having a resume that includes performances with international superstar producers like Sebastian Ingrosso, Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano, and more goes to show you exactly how highly regarded this producer is. His vintage high-energy electro and progressive style had the venue jumping and ready to go. Take a listen to his set below and stay tuned to his channel for more exclusive mixes and live sets to come.


Up next on the decks was NJ native, Sevag. Not only was this his debut performance at HQ Beach Club, it was also his birthday and boy did he celebrate and announce himself to the packed venue with a bang. The Mister East resident and promising producer took full advantage of the spotlight and state of the art sound system to bang out a set that really showed off his creativity and skills. One thing that the crowd definitely recognized and appreciated was Sevag’s willingness to diversify his sound and really show off his versatility for a day beach party. We were able to capture Sevag’s set from this party but have decided to hold onto it for now. Let’s just say that you’ll have something to look forward to next week because he’s got something massive coming your way.

events-sevag-hq-beach-clubTo close out the day, Richie Santana and Peter Bailey (Mind Control) turned the heat up and tore the place down with their groovy-darker style. When I say tore the place down, I mean played a set that the house gods would absolutely be proud, even envious of. Two of the more accomplished producers from the area, Richie and Peter seem to always be involved with the hottest parties to be thrown year round and I don’t think that’s a coincidence. These guys know exactly how to move a crowd with their sound; Hence, their name, Mind Control. The melodies and steady beat of the kick drum take over your movement and wash away your inhibition until you simply just let the music take over. Someone once told me that music is the only universal language in the world. Because of their incredible set, in that day, during that time, you could tell that everyone at HQ Beach Club was speaking the same language. Take a listen to their set below and listen for yourself! 


In summary, the talent was up to expectations and delivered a wide variety of music that really satisfied the crowd. I learned a few things too. The first? R3 VenturesMister East throw a serious party. Their venue in Roselle, NJ will be opening up very shortly for the Fall season and you’ll be sure to catch me there. Second, HQ Beach Club is an incredible venue. If you haven’t yet experienced this dayclub on a beautiful summer day as of yet, I suggest you figure out a weekend to check it out. Summer’s coming to a close and it won’t stay beautiful out much longer! Third, the tri-state area’s talent pool is deep and not to be taken lightly. House music is alive and well here!


Steve Powers: Future | Facebook | Twitter

Sevag: Future | Facebook | Twitter

Mind Control: Future | Facebook | Twitter

Photo Credit: Revel Nightlife

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