Never underestimate the power of free things. Free food tastes better. Free drink quenches thirst like nothing else. And free glow sticks have the power to turn anyone into a fluid and effervescent paragon of the night.

Math was never my strong point, but even I could work out that free corona’s + free glowsticks + great music was probably going to = a pretty good time. Turns out I was dramatically correct. It was awesome.

In front of a sold out crowd Dj Equal warmed up the audience expertly, evoking some of the wonkiest moves I’ve ever seen across a sea of people.

Bag Raiders who headlined the night, sit somewhere pretty close to Miike Snow, with some garage vibes and interesting break-beats thrown in for good effect. Like Dj Equal, they also know how to work a crowd, it was hard not to be taken over. The night was then wrapped up by none other than Luka Son of Wolf himself, whose house-heavy set was the perfect antidote to mid-week blues.

With music this good, the free accoutrements thrown in were really just a bonus…

Now, thanks to your very close friends at Dubset we present you with something free: music from an awesome evening…enjoy!

Listen to the mixes on the LIGHTS + MUSIC venue page.

- Barclay Bram

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