Virus Syndicate Release Banned Music Video

The Manchester crew Virus Syndicate is back and they’ve just released their new single “Psychopath” as taste of what we can expect from their their new album Symptomatic, coming out in February 2016.  With hard-hitting visuals, the video picks apart some of the darkest parts of society today with a powerful and in your face message that doesn’t hold back any punches.

In fact, the “Psychopath” visuals hit so close to home after the recent ISIS Paris bombings, that the French government banned the video, stating that they cannot feature any war propaganda and that the video was too controversial for the country’s current climate.

“We wanted to flip things up a bit here and record a song that not only makes you want to snap your neck to the snare and chest shattering bass line, but also get inside your mind and make you think. We make music to paint pictures of reality. “Psychopath” is just that.  Every image used in the visual is real! We are not trying to glorify and promote all the negative sh*t that goes in this world but we are trying to build an awareness beyond what we are fed in the media.

Reality is brutal and often hard to watch or hear as are some of the images in the video and lyrics in the song. We wanted to make a piece of music that hits you hard but it is also a realistic reflection of today’s society. Psychopath is about showing you the darkest dirtiest and most horrific side of life but we do this only demonstrate contrast, for every negative there is a positive.” – Nikhil Nika D’ Nagarkar

Watch the video and let us know what you think about it by tweeting us at @TheFutureFM and using the hashtag #VirusSyndicatePsychopath.

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