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The Crate is your access to the best music in the world - recorded live at exclusive events in New York, in the nightclubs of Berlin, at festivals in Ibiza, and hand-picked from all over the net. All of this, right here, for free.

DJ Thiago

DJ Thiago



EXPERIENCE: 5+ years          GENRE: Open-Format & Turntablism       HOMETOWN: Atlanta, Georgia

DJ Ah Yeahh  |  DJ Weaponz  |  DJ Robbie Wilde  |  Superstar DJ Ros  |  DJ Rob Reum  |  DJ Baby Yu
           The "style" that is offered by Atlanta's own DJ Thiago can be sure to deliver a unique experience for any audience. With an open ear for all types of music, his creativity has no limits. This dedicated individual shares a genuine passion for DJing. After 5+ years of experience, DJ Thiago continues developing his techniques. On the rise in Atlanta's nightlife scene, DJ Thiago brings a sound to these crowds that will keep them partying all night!!
- Purple Rain (Norcross, GA)                                           - Primal Nightclub (Atlanta, GA)
- Aitunes Lounge (Norcross, GA)                                    - Door44 (Atlanta, GA)
- The Bad Manor (Athens, GA)                                        - The Atrium (Atlanta, GA)
- Bullfrogz (Kennesaw, GA)                                             - GoldRoom (Atlanta, GA)
- Flip-Flop's (Atlanta, GA)                                              - Opera Nightclub (Atlanta, GA)
- Hole In The Wall (Atlanta, GA)                                     - Havana Club (Atlanta, GA)
- The Quad (Atlanta, GA)                                                - Tongue & Groove (Atlanta, GA)
- iLounge (Atlanta GA)                                                   - Reign Nightclub (Atlanta, GA)
- Cocktail Cove (Atlanta, GA)                                         - Ocean Lodge (St. Simons Island, GA)
- Posh (Atlanta, GA)                                                       - ArKadia (Miami, FL)
- The Nest (Atlanta, GA)                                                 - The Florida Room (Miami, FL)
- Rose Bar (Atlanta, GA)                                                 - Shore Club (Miami, FL)
- East Andrews District (Atlanta, GA)

Georgia Tech      |      University of Georgia      |      Emory University      |      Georgia State University

ARTIST:  LL Cool J         SONG TITLE:  Get Down