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The Crate is your access to the best music in the world - recorded live at exclusive events in New York, in the nightclubs of Berlin, at festivals in Ibiza, and hand-picked from all over the net. All of this, right here, for free.

Nicky Digital

Nicky Digital


Open Format
House (Classic)


Whether it's the night's you'll never forget or the ones you'll never remember, Nicky Digital's there to document it all in the city that never...EVER sleeps! Where the 'stache goes, the fun will always follow! is the go-to source for photos of beautiful people, videos of wild parties and concerts, the hottest and most whiplash-inducing fashions, and the latest in music to get you pumped from late at night well into the early morning. There are thousands of reasons why they call NYC "the greatest city in the world", and you can bet that Nicky will be there to capture them all, one shutter click at a time. With the DUBSET channel, you can now tag along and hear live deejay sets from Nicky's event series.