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The Crate is your access to the best music in the world - recorded live at exclusive events in New York, in the nightclubs of Berlin, at festivals in Ibiza, and hand-picked from all over the net. All of this, right here, for free.





Hailing from the birthplace of turntablism and hip hop, Phresh implements the strength of his aggressive New York technique and applies it to all genres of music. Listening to hip hop at a young age sparked his interest in a variety of other global themes. His discovery of world music, his skill in spinning house beats, and his open format embracing of all genres is what truly sets him apart within the industry. Phresh also attributes his open-minded musical influences to growing up in New York City and his multicultural and social childhood. What initially started out as a release and escape from the day-to-day rigors of city life turned into a profession that has allowed him to perform all over the world. As a budding talent, Phresh’s perfectionism and cultured ear for music paved the path to his international success as a DJ. He’s played at renowned venues in New York, Miami, the Hamptons, and Las Vegas. While earning a reputation as one of the city’s most sought-after talents, DJ Phresh continues to expand his love of music while spinning all over the world, giving club and partygoers the perfect music experience